Printing Template for Labels – 199.6 mm x 143.5 mm – 2 Rectangle Labels per A4 Sheet (Word/PDF)


Free Download Label Printing Template
word-icon Word Template
pdf-icon PDF Template

There are 2 Rectangle Labels per page with each label being 199.6 mm wide and 143.5 mm high.There is a 0 mm gap between the label rows and 0 mm gap between the label columns to determine whether you can create your design with bleed or not. Whilst producing the design, due to printing restrictions on digital presses, you must consider that there is a 5 mm margin on both top and bottom of the sheet, and 5.2 mm margin on left and right hand side of the sheet.

Please read your printer manual carefully as each printer has a printing tolerance of up to 2 mm. You must accommodate this tolerance by producing your design with enough bleed and/or leave enough gap between the label contents and the label cut line.

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